Sunday, March 4, 2012


Please excuse the interruption to regularly-scheduled pictures of delicious, large cocks. Here is an opinion piece...feel free to skip onto the cock :-)

I was ten years old the first time I touched a penis that wasn’t my own. That penis belonged to a neighbor boy named Tom. Tom touched mine too. Tom was the first of dozens of males with whom I had sexual experiences of one degree or another over the next 40 years.

So, how did it all start? That’s a good question, and one I’ve asked myself many times over the years. Close to my fiftieth birthday it is, perhaps obviously, nearly impossible for me to recount the decision-making process and feelings associated with the first time I touched Tom’s penis and he mine. While I don’t remember why, I do remember it was both pleasurable and exciting.

The argument, by those on the religious right of the political spectrum, claim homosexuality or same-sex attraction is a choice. I both agree and disagree with that contention.

I agree because the sexual experiences I’ve had with men over the years have always been by my personal choice. I was never coerced, forced, or swayed by peer pressure. I wanted to do it.

I disagree because the source of my attraction to men and the fact that I find sex with men appealing and pleasurable comes from somewhere I can’t explain. This is not unlike one’s likes of anything. If you like a particular type of music, you likely choose to listen to it. You listen to it because you like it. But why do you like it? Because it sounds nice? Because it relaxes you? Because it makes you happy or calm? Perhaps one or all of those reasons apply.

The fact that people like or dislike things is just that - fact. Why people like or dislike one thing or another is far from an exact science. So, for political and religious hacks to claim matter-of-factly that homosexuality or bisexuality is “against the laws of nature” or a sin against God is disingenuous and based on preference, i.e. choice. Whether they like or dislike the thought of same-sex attraction doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact that why they feel that way is as equally mysterious as my attraction to men. I can make just as credible/incredible claims about those people as readily as they make them about me.

I wasn’t particularly moved one way or another by my initial same-sex experience with Tom, and was attracted to girls exclusively from there on. I first had intercourse with a girl when I was 14. It was very pleasurable, needless to say. My next same-sex experience happened around the same time. It was with my next-door neighbor. He and I explored sexual horizons at the same time I was exploring sex with various girlfriends over the next three or so years. He and I masturbated together, masturbated one another, and performed oral sex on one another regularly. Throughout that timeframe, we both had girlfriends, and both chased girls, just as most boys our age did.

As I grew into my early twenties, I had sex more frequently with men. One was a good friend; others were strangers – some close to my age, others much older. I found every one of those experiences pleasurable, but often had internal debates about my sexuality. I moved to Key West, Florida in 1982 and spent the next two years living and working there. I also had a lot of sex there – with men and women. It was during my time there that I came to fully accept my bisexuality. I stopped asking why, because I realized I would never find the answer.

To LGBT critics: My likes and preferences were and are what they were and are. I am attracted to men and women because I am, just like I am attracted to photography, reading, and working on computers. None of it is illegal, and none of it is any of your business. I don’t question your likes and dislikes; don’t question mine.

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